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FACT:  Bail bond companies have been providing services to criminal defendants for over 112 years!

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The great American legal tradition holds that we are, according to the Constitution of the United States, “innocent until proven guilty.” But the unfortunate reality is that even if considered innocent, many innocent accused individuals suffer the treatment of the guilty while they await their trial: including the loss of their job, their house, or even their family while sitting in jail awaiting a fair trial. Bail bond agents can make waiting for trial a much more tolerable experience – and maybe even help save your job and your reputation – while giving you the time you need to get your affairs in order so you’re in a better frame of mind to face the charges in court.  Bail bond companies help keep you out of jail, where you may face unknown dangers and a presumption by the jailers themselves that you are guilty and should be treated that way.  The services provided by a bond agent allow you to enjoy your freedom and prepare to tackle the legal system, instead of being stuck “on the inside” with no means at your disposal for mounting your defense.

Although it often winds up that way, looking for the right bond agent should not be a spur-of-the-moment decision.  That’s where we can help! A bail agent’s job is to pay the court a specific amount of money as a way of pledging that you will show up for your court appearances. The bond is a financial assurance that you’ll keep your word. 

Bond companies want to make sure they don’t lose that money, so they also work to assist you in making sure you do make your court appointments, and in some cases may help answer any questions you may have about the legal proceedings. Any bond agent you select should be licensed to operate in the state where you need their services.

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